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Our sincere and hearty welcome for visiting our homepage Anseong-si, which is called the city of "Ansengmachum" that means the most suitable thing.

Anseong-si is the historical district that created the synonym for credit, namely, "Anseongmachum".

Anseong-si has the natural advantages such as beautiful mountains, an abundant and clean water as well as the defense mind of the father country resulted from the Samil(1919) Independence Movement of Korea, the artisan spirit for "Anseong Brassware" and "Anseong Namsadang" which is the 1st cultural property in Kyeonggi-do, Korea. Anseong-si is a sublimate and developed city on the foundation of the said spirits and natural advantages.

With such advantages for a basis, we decided the promotion of the cultural industry as the goal of our administrative policy and devote all our energy to become a city who has a unique color. We hope you will get a useful information from our homepage and wish you every health and happiness with our whole heart.

Thank you.

Hwang Eun Seong
Mayor of Anseong-si